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Overview of Six 9s' customer research services
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Six 9s specialize in any particular industries?

Six 9s specializes in business-to-business and business-to-consumer customer research across industries.

Does Six 9s provide market research services as well as customer research services?

While there is a grey area between some customer and market research, Six 9s' focus is predominately on customer research. It is certainly true that some of the customer research Six 9s conducts for clients can be considered market research and the results can have significant market impact. An example would be customer preference or satisfaction research on the various features of a product or service.

How long does a typical customer research project last?

Since every research project that Six 9s undertakes is customized to the unique goals and objectives of the client, project durations can vary from a month, to 90 days, to a continuous, ongoing program. A typical annual customer satisfaction assessment will take approximately three months with one month for program design and question development, one month for data collection, and one month for results analysis and presentation.

How soon are research results available for clients to take corrective actions?

Six 9s' clients often find actionable research results when they see the preliminary findings of only a week of data collection. Most spend a month or more reviewing final research results and deliverables, defining appropriate strategic and operational goals and objectives, and developing action plans across their various functions. ROCI customers get eAlerts everyday that can be acted on immediately to resolve customer issues and problems and to attract new customers.

If we don't have a customer research program in place, what do we do first?

At this stage, the most important step is to formulate a set of goals and objectives for your customer research initiatives that are closely aligned with your organizations strategic and operational goals and objectives. Six 9s can help in this process. If there is no customer research in place, Six 9s often recommends that an annual customer satisfaction assessment project is an excellent place to start.

What are the benefits of the Customer Priority Factor (CPF)?

The Customer Priority Factor (CPF) is a metric used by Six 9s to determine the most important attributes for each dimension of the customer relationship and to prioritize research results and corrective actions. In analyzing customer research results, the CPF can help clients determine where to invest finite resources. Attributes with high CPFs should be considered first for corrective action if the ratings for that attribute so indicate. The CPF also reduces the overall cost of a research project by in some cases eliminating the need to conduct an initial qualitative study to determine customer priorities.

How do we establish a Customer Delight Index?

The Customer Delight Index (CDI) is developed by Six 9s and modeled on the customer question(s) most closely related to the long-term success of your organization. Six 9s has found that the CDI uses an appropriate variant of the ultimate question, "Would you recommend us to a friend, family member, or colleague?" Customers can then be grouped into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Once these customer groups are identified, strategies are developed based on research findings to grow the number of Promoters, reduce the number of Detractors, and move the Passives to Promoters. This is similar to how key financial measures are used to determine and manage an organization's success.

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