Overview of Six 9s' online customer research services
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Overview of Six 9s' customer research services
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How you benefit
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Much of the customer research that Six 9s conducts is online and leverages the worldwide capabilities of the Internet to cost effectively reach and survey customers regionally, nationwide, and worldwide. Six 9s conducts the following kinds of online customer research programs for clients:
  • Customer satisfaction assessments
  • Customer service assessments
  • After event and transaction surveys
  • Customer preference research
  • Product research
  • Competitive research
Six 9s' online customer research services include:
  • The design of qualitative and quantitative research programs including questionnaire and survey development
  • Design of Internet-based, multi-page surveys with advanced branching based on demographic customer information passed to the survey as well as answers to prior questions
  • Design, scheduling, and distribution of e-mail survey invitations and reminders to client customers
  • The translation of survey questions and invitations and reminders into the languages of the client's customers including North American, Asian and European languages as required
  • Collection of survey responses from around the world into the research database
  • The translation of customer survey text responses into the language of the client
  • Analysis and coding of text responses
  • Analysis of research findings including significance testing and regression analysis as needed
  • Design and development of findings reports, cross tabulations, executive presentations, and online, interactive web views with emphasis on support of operational and strategic decision making (ROCI)
  • End-to-end program management
The Real-time, Online Customer Intelligence System (ROCI) is designed for clients who are dedicated to continuously understanding the needs of their customers, how well their expectations are being met, and what can be done operationally and strategically to keep profitable customers and attract new ones.

Organizations that deliver products and services through regions, districts, and stores or sales offices are perfect for ROCI's drill-down and query architecture. Brand or product managers, regional vice-presidents, and store managers can display their nationwide customer delight index at any time, then drill down to each region's and store's customer delight index, and then display individual groups of customer experiences. Real-time graphic displays show the results of corrective actions and strategic initiatives, customer demographics and behaviors, and customer experiences with competitors. Using any web view, users can display the variations in experiences between men and women, different age groups, as well as any other demographic available in the research database.

On a daily basis ROCI collects information on customer experiences, stores it in the customer intelligence database, and then delivers overnight eAlerts based on rating and customer delight index criteria specified by the management team. Regional vice-presidents and store managers can then reinforce behaviors that result in customers who promote your products and services and take corrective actions to resolve issues that arise from time to time. More...How ROCI works
ROCI is not a survey solution. ROCI is an action-oriented tool to get your customer intelligence off the shelf and into the hands of decision makers, so it can be acted upon every day to retain customers and grow your enterprise. ROCI goes beyond traditional surveys and research to provide real-time insights into your customers, markets, and operations, and it bridges the gap between operations and strategies, allowing operational feedback and actions to drive powerful new strategies and market initiatives.

If you want to explore how this breakthrough customer intelligence service, ROCI, could be customized to your organization's strategic and operational needs, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.
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