Overview of Six 9s' online customer research services
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Overview of Six 9s' customer research services
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How you benefit
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Understanding Customer and Market Perspectives

Six 9s Associates, Inc., a full-service customer research firm, is known for helping clients look at their organization, products, services, and business practices from the points of view of their customers. This provides an objective understanding of customer and market needs, expectations, and levels of satisfaction.

The Customer Research System

Six 9s plans, designs, and conducts customer research tailored to client requirements using Internet, mail, telephone, or personal surveys, as well as focus groups for data collection. These studies become an integral part of our client's customer relationship and loyalty management programs and help them fulfill quality management standards and guidelines like ISO 9001:2000.

Added Value and Competitive Advantage

Based on objective findings, Six 9s helps clients develop and plan corrective actions that identify and resolve problems, add significant customer value, and leverage competitive advantage.

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